Motto: Integrity and Excellence
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Our Focus

Our program has three sections: Preschool, Primary and Secondary.

Preschool: Here we admit children ages 2-5. There is no other requirement. However, parents will be interviewed and the vision of the school will be discussed with them. Their children will be admitted if the parents comply and undertake to respect the regulations of the school.

Primary: This is a six year program from age 6 to 11/12. As in the preschool parents’ undertaking is required. Children here are prepared for our secondary section which is the main focus of our educational plan.

Secondary: Our main focus is on the Secondary Section (ages 11-18). This is the most formative and challenging period of the life of the individual and we would like to impact this time of the children’s life academically and spiritually, that is instilling a holistic work culture.

The following principles guide the school’s approach to education:

  • The children will be encouraged to build a sound, inquiring and informed mind. This would encourage creativity in different skills which will ultimately translate to the world at large.
  • The adolescent children will be assisted in developing valuable principles of obedience, hard work, excellence, self-discipline and sound morals. These principles will not only be learnt and acquired but will also be practiced.