Motto: Integrity and Excellence
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Admission Process

The school has three sections: pre-Nursery/Nursery, Primary and Secondary.

Pre-Nursery / Nursery: 

We admit based on age of the child.

  • Pre-Nursery – Age 2 
  • Nursery 1 – Age 3
  • Nursery 2 – Age 4
  • Nursery 3 – Age 5

Parents are interviewed and if the Admission Committee is satisfied that the parents will comply with the requirements, rules and regulations of the school, the child will be admitted.

Primary Section: 

We admit from age 6. A placement test is given and from the result parents are advised on how best to proceed.

Secondary Section: 

This section is divided into two sections: Junior and Senior Secondary. 

  • We admit into the Junior secondary 1 (from age 11). A placement test is given and children who score up to 50% will be admitted. 
  • The same procedures apply to the Senior secondary.