Motto: Integrity and Excellence
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Good Reports from the School

March 31, 2012

We have only good reports from the Firstfruits Christian Academy. The Acting Principal has moved to live accross the road from the school. He is producing good reports and appears to be doing his job well. A friend of ours who visited the school this week was very impressed with the cleanliness of the school premises. She was there after school hours so she did not meet the children but she met some teachers. The children have started their second term exams and will start their three week vacation on the 6th of April. We have started working on admission forms for next sessions. Entrance exams will begin in the month of May.

We are also re-commencing work on the second classroom building. The space we are adding will serve as an Assembly Hall. The blocks are moulded and the workers will move in this week-end. Just a few men, two or three for now. When the children leave for their vacation we will have more men in to bring it to lintel level before the children return from vacation. We will have to suspend work then.

13 children from grade 7 and 8 will attend a French competition. They are not going to compete but they will present a song in French. This will be their first outing. They will be accompanied by three teachers.